Monday, October 17, 2011

THOUGHT I was pretty good....

I started my square the day after I got the material from Heidi. I read her instructions about a dozen times and measured everything out twice, three time and even sometime a fourth. Amazingly both my babies went down for naps at the same time and so I thought I had it all figured out...WRONG. Once I was done with my FIRST square for some reason this...delightful block was not correct anywhere. It was too small and the crosses didn't match up properly. The horizontal pieces were way too long. Needless to say I dulled up my seem ripper on this one that for sure...I must of pulled seems at least a dozen times on this one. It took me almost a half a day (hubby watched the kids) and all the the background fabric to make this thing work (sorry Heidi, no extras background material coming your way). I still had a good time doing it but if you look close there are a few things that I ended up categorizing as "good enough". I really can't wait to see how it turns out though, I really think this is a very fun quilt. Well I definitely learned a lot on this one. Going to be such a better sewer after this year is over:)

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