Monday, October 17, 2011

THOUGHT I was pretty good....

I started my square the day after I got the material from Heidi. I read her instructions about a dozen times and measured everything out twice, three time and even sometime a fourth. Amazingly both my babies went down for naps at the same time and so I thought I had it all figured out...WRONG. Once I was done with my FIRST square for some reason this...delightful block was not correct anywhere. It was too small and the crosses didn't match up properly. The horizontal pieces were way too long. Needless to say I dulled up my seem ripper on this one that for sure...I must of pulled seems at least a dozen times on this one. It took me almost a half a day (hubby watched the kids) and all the the background fabric to make this thing work (sorry Heidi, no extras background material coming your way). I still had a good time doing it but if you look close there are a few things that I ended up categorizing as "good enough". I really can't wait to see how it turns out though, I really think this is a very fun quilt. Well I definitely learned a lot on this one. Going to be such a better sewer after this year is over:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

School Time!!

Jaron starts school on Monday, and iI quite my job (well i give them my 2 weeks). I will Start a new job after that. I am sad thought because this means that are lives will official be insane...and we don't even have kids, i don't know how the rest of ya'all do it! We just have to have everything planned out and I sometimes have a hard time with that, i really like the fly by the seat of ones pants best. oh well i guess life is long enough for some of that too:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jaron and I went out on the town a few weeks ago, we are a little tight on money so we got ice cream and walked around the downtown mall (i know exciting right, well we had a great time. It was nice to get out of the house.) We went into Helley Hansen, a store we both love and tried on a few items we wont be able to afford for the next 3+ years. Check out that girls fur, holy crap she is styl'n. It was fun!

BELLINGHAM!-this was our trip in Aug. We had a great time visiting the family and meeting grandmas long lost sister...we love her!

I have been going thru my photos (and Garett is probably going to kill me), i found this one. I took this photo when i was like 13, i dressed Garett, Kayleona and Natosha up, arranged everything and snapped the photo. the only thing i didn't plan was the little cluster of flowers Garett is standing in:)
Well it has been a LONG time since i have posted. So here is a little update. I currently have a love/hate relationship with money, i hate my job, jaron goes back to school on monday, I love the weather (fall is my fav.) and i have no food in the house. Oh and I am going to put in my 2 wks on Monday...i nervous!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Sx (surgery) Day!

So today i was  pleasantly surprised that i would be riding along with the doc. I usually only ride along on Tuesdays and Thursdays but one of the docs needed a hand. The first stop was out on a farm call, a float (grind down sharp point of the teeth so that the horse doesn't get ulcers on the inside of the mouth wall) and spring vaccinations (i gave 2 of them, i am becoming more comfortable with needles quickly). The next apt was a surgery. I have watched quite a few surgeries since i have been employed with the vet clinic, and have had no problems. I was not worried about being a part of this one, in fact i was quite excited that it would only be the doc and i so that i could be more apart of the surgery. our patient was an 8 day old colt-very small. we put him under and started into the procedure (he had a hole in his bladder and needed it to be stitched). The doc cut away the remaining part of the umbelical cord, leaving about 1"x 1" hole in the stomach, he brought the small part of the bladder where the hole was up (it was leaking lots of you know what). I held a lot of the tools while he sticked up the small hole. Intestine would occasionally try to pop out but the doc would just poke them back in. I found it all to be quite interesting....until he started stitching the stomach lining back together...the most un-gross part of the whole procedure! And then i started to feel light headed and sick to my stomach. After finding out that the doc was at a point where i was'nt needed for holding items, i told him i was taking a walk right NOW! i got out the door and around the corner and.....i remember i was on my hands and knees somehow and was trying to drag myself back up. I don't remember falling but i do remember trying to get back up, wiping my knees off, going into the clinic and sitting down. Apparently i was talking to myself because the receptionist told me she could hear me very well and that she was busy. The doc said i was'nt gone for very long but i thought i had take a good 10 min. I helped him finish up and cleaned up the surgery room though! Atta Girl, Right!! I had to tell everyone about it though because i have never passed out before:)